Jun 27, 2011

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Bless My Mother, Lord

Bless My Mother, Lord





**With each beat of my heart I realize that it’s God telling me over and over . . . “I love you.  You are mine, and I am STILL in control.”**

Bless My Mother, Lord

Bless my mother, Lord, in a mighty way

as she goes about her life today.

Bless her with peace and comfort, too,

but most of all with love from you.

Help her to feel your tender touch

and that you love her very much.

Bless her with a beautiful smile,

and help her forget her “cares” for a while.

Bless her with another step to take,

and help her realize a “way” you’ll make.

Bless her with rest for her weary soul,

and help her press forward to reach her goal.

Bless her with encouragement when in despair,

and help her remember you’re always there.

Bless her with your Word and promises, too.

Help her realize she will make it through.

Then, bless me, Lord, to stand by her–

my beautiful, loving mother so dear.

Bless me to lend a helping hand

as she goes about in this weary land.

Bless me to give a shoulder and a hug or two

that comes from me and from you.

Bless me, Lord, for I, too, feel her pain

and I have depended on her time and again.

Just bless her with whatever she may need

because for her your son did bleed.

So now, Lord, we thank you for these blessings

and those we’ve yet to see,

as now dear Holy Father

we entrust our lives to Thee.











Suzanne B. Lester



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