Dec 22, 2011

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The Bread Which Strengthens Mans Heart

The Bread Which Strengthens Mans Heart
Greetings One & All….In Jesus Mighty Name,
This week on the Voices of Victory International Radio Broadcast, we are feasting on Bread from Heaven.  We invite you to Taste and See that the Lord is Good.  Statistically, our poets shall make it plain, and render the verdict.  You have the right to remain silent, but everything you hear, will be held against you in Gods Court of Law.  Be blessed by The Israel of God Choir, Destiny DiademEndearing Times, Mar-Jay . . . Hiz-Way, our brand new poet . . . Sister Michele Harris, also known as Divine’s Oracle,  and the Word of God, coming from Bro. Sidney Thomas.
He that has an ear, may you hear, what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to the Church.
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The Bread Which Strengthens Mans Heart
Margie Epps – Mar-Jay . . . Hiz-Way (Maryland) — Played Opening Song by The Israel Of God Choir (Illinois)  — Get Ready
***Poetry Segment***
Stacey Facey – Destiny Diadem (Massachusetts) — I Hear Them Rattling (Ezekiel 37)
Margie Epps – Mar-Jay . . . Hiz-Way (Maryland) — Can  These Bones Live?
Michele Harris – Divine’s Oracle (Maryland) — Statistic
Margie Epps – Mar-Jay . . . Hiz-Way (Maryland) — Played Song By The Israel Of God Choir (Illinois) — His Name Is Jesus
Angel Spikes – Endearing Times (Texas) — My Hands Is In Gods
Michele Harris – Divine’s Oracle (Maryland) — Arrested
Stacey Facey – Destiny Diadem (Massachusetts) — What’s The Verdict?
Angel Spikes – Endearing Times (Texas) — Kindness During Life
Margie Epps – Mar-Jay . . . Hiz-Way (Maryland) — Faithfulness
Stacey Facey – Destiny Diadem (Massachusetts) — Isn’t God Amazing
Margie Epps – Mar-Jay . . . Hiz-Way (Maryland) — Played Song by The Israel Of God Choir (Illinois) — Newness Of Life
Bro. Sidney Thomas - The Israel of God  (Illinois) — Ministered the Word of God — The Bread Which Strengthens Mans Heart
Margie Epps – Mar-Jay . . . Hiz-Way (Maryland) — Played Closing Song by The Israel Of God Choir (Illinois) — He’s My Rock
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Click on the words *OnDemand* . . . Go to the date . . . December 25, 2011, and click play  (You will now have to join boxnet to hear these broadcasts in its entirety….However, it is FREE)
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Peace & Blessings,
Mar-Jay . . . Hiz-Way
P.S. ALL are invited to be a part of our *live* recorded broadcast . . . Contact me for details if you would like to be a part of our broadcast. ;o)

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